N2014 27 aug
've didided to only update news on the Facebook page from now on. So to keep utdated please visit us at
N2013 9 sept
We are pleased to announce that Axewitch is booked to play special guest for Pretty Maids at the Hell yeah Rock club, Konsert & Kongress the 19 okt. Setlist will contain a mix of old classics that have not been performed in over 25 years and new songs from the forthcoming album. Only a few tickets left be sure to get one... See ya there...
N2013 8 may
A review of "Visions of the past" by Play It Loud under reviews or here>>
N2013 8 may
A review of the first album "Pray for metal" by Metal archives under reviews or here>>
N2012 12 mar
We are pleased to announce that new bass player Björn "Berta" Hernborg is now an official member of the band. Former bassist Lasse Fallman decided to part with the band late 2011 due to family issues. We wish him the best of luck in the future...
N2012 11 mar
The work on the new album is now again progressing. Due to problems with finding a replacement for bass player Lasse Fallman there have been some delays in the production.

N2009 4 feb
Axewitch are booked to play the MuskelRock festival just outside Växjö Sweden 12-13 june. Other bands ready for the festival:
THOR (Canada)
Cauldron (Canada)
Abramis Brama
In Solitude
Spice and the rj band
The Scams
Helvetets port

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N2008 23 oct
A new section added, "Reviews".
Check out the review from Sweden Rock Magazine!
N2008 15 oct
71 new pix presented in a web album. Can
be found in the "gallery" section.
N2008 10 okt
At last!! A couple of vids from Sweden Rock Festival is out on youtube... Check 'em out!
.: The Lord of Flies
.: Axevictim
.: Heavy revolution
More to come, promise...
N2008 4 sept
Great opportunity guys!! Get your own Axewitch blown ups from the web.
Buy Axewitch photo posters in various sizes on-line. Great pix!! Check it out
N2008 24 aug
Vacation and summer activities are now over and it's time to update our site...
A new fantastic web album from MrSilverstrings can be found in the "gallery" section.
And buy the way, did you read the review in Sweden Rock Magazine?
8 out of 10 how 'bout that...
N2008 14 june
Finally we've managed to add some pix from the weekend of our lifes... Sweden Rock Festival -2008. There are thousands of 'em but we'll give U these as an appetizer. We added some stars & old farts aswell :-)
Check'em out in the "gallery" section.
There are lots and lots more to come!
Keep an eye open for the vids soon coming up.
N2008 27 may
New pics gallery from last weekend, Rockfesten in Gammalkil 2008 added.
N2008 27 may
New gig booked in the last minute at the Hamnfestivalen in the harbour of Linköping
this friday 30 may.
Axewicth will enter the stage aprox. 23.00.
Be there if you're in the neibourhood...
N2008 13 may
New pix gallery from 2008 added to the "gallery section". Some live pix from a private gig at Ghost Riders MC and some various from backstage... Check 'em out!!
N2008 29 april
Axewitch will play a gig to warm up for Sweden Rock Festival at a local rock festival in Gammalkil outside Linköping, Sweden may 24. Tickets are sold exclusively
through the internet. Go to and click the "Tickster" link to book tickets. Only 300 tickets will be sold. Don't miss it. There's gonna be some rockin' for 9 hours straight...
N2008 14 march
A facelift made on the site.
A couple of mobile phone-backgrounds added for download in the "Media"-section or
click here!! .:Background 1 | Background 2:.
Right click and /save target as... (spara mål som...)
N2008 14 march
New song "We fill your head will rock" is now recorded and mixed.The song will exclusively be released on the Sweden Rock Special Edition CD.
Work on the forthcoming Axewitch cd is ongoing in the Velvet studios with producer Ronny Max (Nightvision...)
N2007 21 dec
Listen to Axewitch on Russian web radio!!
Isn't internet fantastic :-)
N2007 21 dec
It's incredible!!
We give you no less than three more Demo tracks from 1984-86 only previously released as bonus tracks on the CD's.
.:Evil circle (demo-84)
.:Crazy and wild (demo-85)
.:Young girls in love (demo-86)
Check'em out in the Media section and the "Axeamp". Merry Christmas to ya all...
N2007 19 dec
Yet another two oldies added to the "Axeamp" in the Media section...
+ Media section updated...
N2007 18 dec
A couple of old goddies added to the "Axeamp" in the Media section...
N2007 17 dec
We are happy to announce that Axewitch will be featuring the Sweden Rock Special Edition CD. All songs on the CD will be named "Fill your head with rock". The CD will come for free with an exclusive ticket. This is a ticket that will include the festivals regular 3 days + entrance to the warm-up day on june 4. It is limited to 10.000 units and will be sold from november 24 to december 31 2007 or to when it's sold out.
N2007 14 dec
A new gallery added...
N2007 11 dec
The Discography page is updated...
N2007 11 dec
The Axewitch guestbook is activated. Please drop us a line:-) Go there!
N2007 7 dec
The gallery page and the biography page are updated.
N2007 4 dec
Gig at Sweden Rock Festival 2008 is official. Keep yourself updated...
N2007 3 dec
We are currently writing and rehearsing for our new album due to this spring/summer.
The recordings will take place at the Velvet studios outside Linköping starting this winter.