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Axe Witch - Visions of the past

score: B+

NImprovements all around for Axewitch (or is it Axe Witch?) on this record. In comparison to its amateurish predecessor The Lord Of Flies (1983), Visions Of The Past delivers the goodies with iron heart and heavy hand. This likeable Swedish band showed a little more songwriting breadth and better execution on Visions Of The Past (Fingerprint Records). Stoking the furnace with their straightforward and heavy riffage, Visions Of The Past sends plumes of black smoke billowing into the air, choking your lungs with sooty goodness.

Vocalist Anders Wallentoft displayed a noticeable degree of improvement on this album, as his singing exhibited more emotion and melody than before. The appeal of Visions Of The Past, at least for me, lies in the simple headbang it evokes. As I mentioned in a previous review for this band, Axewitch remind me quite a bit of the ol’ Dutch masters Picture. Eight tracks of coal-fired metal for your ass.

The band was blissfully ignorant of the changing metal landscape at the time. My faves include Visions Of The Past, Stand Up, and Give Them Hell.

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