After AXEWITCH Anders engaged in a few solo projects. Magnus continued playing with the remains of the band which they renamed SLEAZY ROZE. Under this new banner they released two singles and finally, years later, a full-length album entitled "Caution, the filling is hot". Magnus is heard on some of its basic tracks but had already left the band by the time the LP came out.
After that episode Magnus replaced guitarist Robban Persson in the band STRAIGHT UP who did good business in Sweden at that time, playing the Hultsfred festival and had one album out. The band was nominated to Best Hardrock act in Sweden that year. His old buddy Ralf Petersson was also in the line-up. They recorded an as-of-yet unreleased second record in 1996. Magnus then played drums in an outfit called TRASH CANS, which was a purely hobby-driven project.
Anders and Ralph formed QUEST which also featured Abbey's talents on drums. Later on Anders renewed contact with Mats and they started a new band called REGENT with Anders taking on keyboard duties and Ralph playing the guitar. Joined by a new bass player and singer they delved deeply into a more symphonic style of rock but failed to release any product.
Meanwhile Michael began a new career working as a sound engineer.


In Aug 1991 the original AXEWITCH line-up decided to play a tenth year anniversary show in there home town, at a big local music event called Nykvarn festival.


Klas Wollberg, guitarist on the Hooked On high Heels album sadly died in 1996 after years of drug abuse.


Ten years after Klas tragic death, AXEWITCH rejoined for a 25 years anniversary gig at the Ghost Riders MC venue in their hometown Linköping. All the guys from the original line up, except for Tommy Brage the bass player, got together for the event. Tommy was replaced by Lasse Fallman the former bass player in Straight up. The gig was a success and AXEWITCH decided to start rehearsing for a comeback.

A couple of gigs were made in 2007 and the breakthrough came when SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL called and wanted them to play at the event in the summer of 2008 along with mastodonts like JUDAS PRIEST, SAXON, ELO, TESLA and GOTTHARD to name a few.

AXEWITCH is for the moment writing songs for the new upcoming album (not yet named). The recordings are going to take place at the Velvet studios outside Linköping starting this winter 2005. Release date is not yet determined.

.:Source Janne Stark 2005:.
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